R & M

R & M (Reichle & De Massari AG) has been offering cabling solutions for high-end networks with innovative insights, high product quality, and forward-looking designs, since 1964.

These solutions are used in many life centers such as network operators, office buildings, data centers, apartments and industrial areas.

R & M, which has representation in more than 40 countries, is the market leader in Switzerland, the center of which is one of the most important players in the competitive markets of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The products offered without compromising the high quality standards with the goal-oriented quality management have wide-ranging certifications, including EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and guarantee continuous improvement of the services and products offered for the future processes.

The basic philosophy of the company is to produce innovative products in high technology standards that require the accumulation of technological expertise in the field of fiber optics with the principle of research and development priority and to provide rapid solutions against the demands formed and to develop it with long term sustainable strong business partnerships around the world.

R & M provides development of long-term business partnerships and long-term relationships with its representatives in more than 40 countries. The feedbacks received are very important for R & M in terms of product development, quality assurance and efficient operation of process optimization.

R & M (Reichle & De Massari AG) increases prevalence day to day in Turkey, which offers solutions for every sector we can classify as follows;

Türkiye’de göze çarpan örneklerden bazıları ise aşağıdaki gibidir,

Structured Cabling

Günümüzde internetin ve mobilitenin olmazsa olmazı, taşıyıcı gücü, veri kablolarıdır. Nasa Bilgi İşlem, yapısal kablolama ürünleriyle, yüksek hız ve dataya kayıpsız ulaşmanız için hizmet veriyor. Nasa Bilgi İşlem, size şu ürün ailelerini sunuyor:

  • FO Data Kabloları
  • Bakır Data Kabloları
  • Patch Panel
  • Akıllı Patch Panel
  • Patch Cord
  • Konnektör
  • Rack Kabin
  • Kablo Kanalı