Terafence Data Diode OT/IT Convergence New trends in the industrial arena usually require the extraction of large amounts of data from OT, including a large number of IoT devices. These devices need to be accessed and the resulting data needs to be stored and analyzed internally and even in cloud applications to improve production.

The need for access makes the OT network, which is its main area of activity, more exposed to cyber attacks between the two networks than ever before, and the reflex to protect the OT from harm is a major cause for concern.

The industry's financial access and processing speed, the digitization of the output of operational capacity and the decision-making success of white-collar units behind the office pushes it completely into the comfort zone of analytical and fast thinking. When these approaches are viewed with the IT speed and vision, OT/IT awareness, which is the main reason for the gap, and it is the difference.

The Terafence product line allows IT/OT networks to form a safe and secure convergence by physically compartmentalizing (a physical separation) at the lowest possible hardware layer for complete isolation. Terafence will proactively collect data from OT devices/services and transmit the raw data securely to the IT side via a proprietary FPGA* chip, ensuring an uninterrupted data flow by ensuring the collection of services.

Terafence can easily receive data from 350 different PLC and SCADA servers in its own local protocols. The data is then converted into OPC/UA TAGS and sent to the IT side. Some protocols are transmitted without being converted as is.